Clinical Hypnotherapist in Malvern, Cheltenham and Bedford.


Clinical Hypnotherapist in Malvern, Cheltenham and Bedford.

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“Mark has helped my son through a tough time with anxiety. 

My son was lacking in sleep, fearful of nightmares, not eating enough and constantly scared of being ill. 

After a few sessions of hypnosis and counselling, Mark has brought him to a better place where he can be free of this state of mind and be the healthy, playful boy he should rightfully be. 

Mark’s support was constant, I was able to contact him should I have any concerns.

For me, it is reassuring to know that Mark was there to help us like this, when at the time, it felt like nothing would change.”

P.E. from Bedford.


“It was with some trepidation that I called Mark to make an appointment. I am from the old school that believes in sorting yourself out and getting on with life. However, after four years of suffering from a progressive illness whilst trying to run two businesses and be an effective father and husband plus a few social responsibility posts I realised that the ‘old plan’ wasn’t working and maybe it was time to seek professional help.

Mark’s approach is a great blend of ‘matter of fact’ with a strong undercurrent of genuine compassion and a very secure professional approach. After a brief introduction Mark laid out what he thought was the best course of ‘treatment’ which he then explained to me and worked with. This was Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which worked very neatly with my own prior knowledge of therapy techniques and the particular ‘cognitive rut’ I had thought myself into. The therapy is practical, straightforward and something which improves with practice. I also explained it to my wife who also uses the central tenets to remind me when she detects I may be straying ‘off piste’

Mark also used hypnotherapy with me which I found extremely helpful as, after a prolonged period of trying to battle uphill, I needed some notion that my unconscious mind could be enrolled into helping in my recovery. This was very effective and gave me a great breathing space to then be able to regroup my energies.

I had five sessions with Mark and each session felt as if we made real progress and it was very clear by session 5 that we both felt that my goal had been reached. I am far more effective in my daily life, I am sleeping much better and feel that I have a great tool with which to deal with further challenges.

I would recommend Mark without hesitation. I really feel as if I have gone from ‘running on reserve’ to being back to ‘firing on all cylinders’ in a very short space of time.”

T.B. from Bedford.


“Hi Mark,

Thank you for helping me these past 6 session to change my mindset and help me grow as a person. I am very proud of myself and so are the people around me. I feel like I have grown as a young man and see the world in a more mature way. Without the work done, I would still be in the same place I was when I came to see you, so I am grateful for your help.

I enjoy going into the self-hypnosis state as I feel very relaxed yet in control as I can focus on tasks to help my mindset. Once again thank you for listening to me and supporting me.

These are my few comments about the work we did together:

 “Mark has helped me to deal with my personal thoughts and issues by changing my aspect on it from negative to positive. I went into it not knowing much about self-hypnosis but with an open mind. It has honestly been life-changing for me as I feel in a much better place now.”

T.S. from Clifton, Beds.


"When hypnotherapy was first suggested, I was quite apprehensive about it based on a well-known TV show many years ago. Mark called me and explained what would happen, and I was happy to give it a go.

I very much enjoyed the sessions, including how Mark tailors the sessions according to you. The visualisation techniques are very good and we were even able to continue during the Covid-19 lockdown through technology which was helpful."

Anon. from Bedford


“Whilst at a consultant's appointment I happen to mention about my grandson suffering from anxiety. My consultant suggested I take my grandson to see Mark Leahy to see if hypnosis would help.

I'm so glad I took her advice. I found Mark to be very understanding and supportive after explaining how my grandson was suffering with anxiety due to going to the toilet whilst at school.

By using hypnotherapy, Mark has helped my grandson feel more positive and in control of his thoughts and he now has started to look forward to going to school instead of being nervous, tearful and anxious. My grandson found Mark very easy to talk to and coming from a teenager that's something in itself.”

G.H. from Milton Keynes


“I was referred to Mark from another practitioner within the Bedford Clinic for my phobia relating to gag reflex during dental treatment. Although I have experienced this for 20+ years, during lockdown and the cancellation of routine visits this has escalated my anxiety.

I am as others have expressed of the age that you just soldier on and have to suffer this worrying visit twice a year!

Clinical Hypnotherapy was completely off the radar for me but desperate to get control back in my life, I met Mark.

I am still not 100% sure of how it works, but I know it definitely has.

Still working on my Self Hypnosis, which is becoming more natural to me.

Mark has not only addressed my initial problem, but other areas of my life and outlook have benefited which has been an unexpected outcome.

Thank you”

P.R. from Bedford


my personal experience with Hypnotherapy.  

I had five Hypnotherapy sessions (plus one specific session to "Stop Smoking") with Mark Leahy.  When I entered the room, I felt welcome, safe and immediately felt that Mark was someone I could talk to and who will understand my confusion, anxiety, etc. I understand that Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, where our past experiences, emotions, traumas can all be worked with. I felt free to talk to Mark and he helped me, throughout the five hypnotherapy sessions, to see the reasons behind my anxiety and how I could overcome it. I practice at home some of the relaxation techniques and it helps me to cope more in my daily life.  There were/are moments when I have to do something, and I think: "I cannot do it, or am not clever enough" etc. and suddenly, without thinking how to do things, I seem able to do, or to see clearly, the way to do things or I am able to feel good about myself, or deal easier with choices I have to make in my daily life. In general, I feel more confident and less fearful, and more positive about the future.

M.R. from Worcester 

“I wasn’t sure why I chose to go really but the lack of sleep was definitely taking its toll, maybe life in general was washing me out. After the first session - just chatting really, I felt lighter. After each successive session I was sleeping better, felt happier in myself and I was getting stronger.  

 “I’m ok – you’re ok” - life changing, sometimes a bumpy road but I’m getting there plus I now have strategies that I can plug into when I need a little extra help.

Would I recommend Mark? In a heartbeat! He has my absolute thanks.

 Thank you”

K.W. from Worcestershire

“After five sessions with Mark it is a relief to be a passenger in a car which in the past has caused me great anxiety. I would never have been able to achieve this without the professional guidance of Mark. Sitting comfy and feeling relaxed made the hypnotherapy sessions an enjoyable experience. I left the consulting room in a nice calm state. I am now continuing with the self-hypnotherapy as taught by Mark. I am delighted and so is my husband!”

L.M. from Redditch, Worcs.

“My wife had been worried about me for some time and showed me a magazine article about Mark; I eventually called him and what I thought would be a two-minute call to book an appointment turned into a forty-five-minute conversation during which, Mark was not only happy to spend time chatting to fully understand my issue, but explained how hypnosis worked and what was going on in the brain on both a biological and a psychological level, during hypnosis. He suggested several appointments; there was no pressure and it was left to me if I wanted to proceed. In view of my wife’s concerns I felt I should give it a go; I’m glad I did! I looked forward to our sessions and even felt calmer at home. Although a change at work alleviated some of the reasons I was seeing Mark, I still enjoyed the therapy sessions, including learning the skill of self-hypnosis – something Mark teaches all his clients. I would not hesitate to contact Mark again as I feel he is there for you, however long is necessary.”

D.G. From Worcestershire


“Mark is professional, intuitive, friendly without being overwhelming, and adept at assessing needs before then working on the solution. He invests time into understanding his client, and he is extremely skilful at evaluating personality and situation and then adopting a demeanour that is conducive to encouraging trust. The process of persuading the subconscious to work favourably was as fascinating as it was effective, and I would work with him again without hesitation.”

T.F. from Bedford

I spoke to a few Hypnotherapists before finding Mark. I am a very thorough person and always research and ‘shop around’. I also don’t leave many reviews but felt like I needed to in this instance. The reason I chose to see Mark above the others was that he was genuinely interested in what I was saying. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable giving me 100% faith in him. Since seeing him, 2 friends of mine have also been to see him and were equally as happy as I was. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. Thank you for everything.

D.B. from Bedfordshire 


This journey with Mark has been amazing. 4 weeks ago I was feeling fed up, down and couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror due to my weight. The more down I felt the more rubbish I ate. So much so I wasn’t eating meals and just eating crisps, cakes, chocolate and desserts. Even as I write those words I feel like they are horrible and that’s thanks to Mark. I did 4 sessions of hypnosis and have not eaten any of those things. When I was in work last week everyone brought in sweet treat and savoury snacks and I didn’t have any. I wasn’t even bothered. I have lost 9lb in 4 weeks this is not a diet it’s a way of life. I chose to have what I called a beige tea croquet potatoes abs a vegetable crisp bake the other night as I was too lazy to make anything from scratch and I ate a small amount of it and could eat no more because it didn’t taste interesting. I’ve also found I feel happier in my life. If you need help for anything concerning you I would 100 percent recommend going to Mark.

S.A. from Malvern, Worcs 

I have recently worked with Mark due to struggling with feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. This has impacted on my sleep (or lack of) and ability to be decisive as part of my job. I work in education at a senior level and the stresses of such a pressurised and intense job over the last few years has undoubtedly taken its toll on me. The sessions have been excellent, having allowed me to relax more easily and appropriately manage my day-to-day stress levels. Not only has the hypnotherapy helped me sleep much better (I’m no longer waking up thinking about work in the middle of the night), a couple of useful techniques that I have adopted during my day-to-day work have allowed me to remain calm and be more rational in my thinking. I feel so much happier and relaxed after working with Mark. I’d highly recommend to all professionals dealing with extreme stress and pressure in their job.

P.R. from Bedford 

“I found Mark to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and empathetic...he put me at ease straightaway and I felt safe and relaxed...Mark is not just a hypnotherapist, he has so many qualifications in other fields, which I'm sure goes towards him knowing and tailoring the therapy to just what is needed...I'm so glad I used Mark and would highly recommend him”

C.T. from Bedford


“Thank you for helping me through a very tough time. I have recommended you and will continue to. Your knowledge and expertise are insane(!) and it’s been a very interesting process. I feel very close to being myself again. Best wishes, R.”
R.S. from Worcester


Dear Mark,

Firstly thank you so much for your wise words and good wishes after my procedure.

You have been most helpful and kind throughout my consultations.
I found with your help I was able to feel less anxious whilst waiting for the Ablation and, on the day, go in to the hospital with more confidence than previously. During the four-hour procedure I was impressed with my calm stillness. Indeed, the consultant actually congratulated me on my ability to stay still!

I am still, almost daily, practicing my self-hypnosis and finding it particularly helpful when I become over-tired.

Thank you so much for everything!
Kindest regards”

V.H. from Malvern


“Dear Mark,

Thank you very much indeed for the hypnotherapy sessions. I found them really helpful (and enjoyable) and my IBS has improved loads since we started. I'm enjoying starting my day with a bit of self-hypnosis and feeling more relaxed and comfortable - I really appreciate the benefit”

G.S. from Towcester


“After only one visit, Mark made a significant alteration and improvement to a deep-rooted fear response and lack of self-belief, whereby my loved ones and friends made comments over the following days and weeks to what a huge difference in my confidence and self-esteem I was suddenly displaying. Several months later, my confidence is only increasing further and I put that singularly down to Mark’s empathy, time and skill. I am incredibly grateful to him and would highly recommend his work to anyone!”

A.H. from Herefordshire


“I was recommended to Mark by my trainer who had been to see him previously. We knew that I had trained as much as I could for this event and as I was quite in touch with my ‘mind over matter’ motto I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain in having a session with Mark. Not knowing what to expect I was surprised at how quickly I relaxed and went in to a hypnotic state of mind. When I was ‘re-awakened’ I felt excited and more ready than ever for my event! I used the techniques which Mark discussed with me and had embedded into my subconscious throughout my session, during my event which really helped me to keep my focus.”

J.D. from Bedfordshire

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