Clinical Hypnotherapist in Malvern, Cheltenham and Bedford.


Clinical Hypnotherapist in Malvern, Cheltenham and Bedford.

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“I decided it was time to seek some support to help me better manage my GAD and Social Anxiety after recognising the impact this was having on me personally and professionally. I was put in touch with Mark and after a 6-week course of hypnotherapy I am now better equipped to manage my anxiety by drawing upon the techniques and tools learnt during my sessions. I have already noticed a marked improvement and will continue to practise self-hypnosis to build upon this going forward.”

L.D. from Luton.


“… I didn’t really know what to expect but the deep relaxation has helped. I have felt a lot ‘lighter’, experienced an inner calm and not felt as tense, so all good…”

O.N. from Bedfordshire.


“…I have all the tools I need, many thanks to you. I currently feel equipped to conquer my fear. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts as it has significantly transformed my life and will continue to do so in the future…”

K.C. from Luton.


“Mark helped me tackle my anxiety which was affecting my schoolwork drastically and some aspects of my daily life. I didn’t think anything/anyone could help better my anxiety until I started undergoing hypnotherapy with Mark. After completing all my sessions with him, he equipped me with all the techniques that would help me control my emotions when I felt anxious. These techniques have had a positive impact on my life and have helped me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. Mark was very supportive and patient throughout the entire process and I felt that his guidance was reassuring. I would recommend Mark to anyone who needs help as he was very kind and compassionate. I will definitely be returning for some “top-up” sessions closer to my exams.”

“… I am currently on track for a 1st in my course which is great. I got 84% in my Human Physiology exam in January which I was very proud of as I feel like I have overcome my anxiety in sitting exams … “

M.S. from Luton.


“I run my own business which can impact on every aspect of your life (no-one ever warns you before you set out with the bright idea of starting your own business!) I am a family man with a wonderful wife and two amazing grown lads. In 2015 as a result of the pressure the business was creating, I started to develop confidence and anxiety issues which led to a breakdown. The business still needed attention and I slowly developed a self -made coping mechanism whilst looking for extra help. As soon as I visited Mark, I knew that his support was exactly what I needed. Mark helped me develop confidence and assertiveness through hypnotism and it was immediately clear he has a genuine compassion to help. It was only when Mark fully understood every aspect of my issues that he commenced with the treatment. I found that explaining my challenges to Mark also helped tremendously. This has definitely helped my perspective and outlook and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone needing help. I will certainly go back to Mark from time to time if I ever start to feel low.”

A.B. from Bedford.



“Thank you for helping me through a very tough time. I have recommended you and will continue to. Your knowledge and expertise are insane(!) and it’s been a very interesting process. I feel very close to being myself again. Best wishes, R.”
R.S. from Worcester


Dear Mark,

Firstly thank you so much for your wise words and good wishes after my procedure.

You have been most helpful and kind throughout my consultations.
I found with your help I was able to feel less anxious whilst waiting for the Ablation and, on the day, go in to the hospital with more confidence than previously. During the four-hour procedure I was impressed with my calm stillness. Indeed, the consultant actually congratulated me on my ability to stay still!

I am still, almost daily, practicing my self-hypnosis and finding it particularly helpful when I become over-tired.

Thank you so much for everything!
Kindest regards”

V.H. from Malvern


“Dear Mark,

Thank you very much indeed for the hypnotherapy sessions. I found them really helpful (and enjoyable) and my IBS has improved loads since we started. I'm enjoying starting my day with a bit of self-hypnosis and feeling more relaxed and comfortable - I really appreciate the benefit”

G.S. from Towcester


“After only one visit, Mark made a significant alteration and improvement to a deep-rooted fear response and lack of self-belief, whereby my loved ones and friends made comments over the following days and weeks to what a huge difference in my confidence and self-esteem I was suddenly displaying. Several months later, my confidence is only increasing further and I put that singularly down to Mark’s empathy, time and skill. I am incredibly grateful to him and would highly recommend his work to anyone!”

A.H. from Herefordshire


“I was recommended to Mark by my trainer who had been to see him previously. We knew that I had trained as much as I could for this event and as I was quite in touch with my ‘mind over matter’ motto I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain in having a session with Mark. Not knowing what to expect I was surprised at how quickly I relaxed and went in to a hypnotic state of mind. When I was ‘re-awakened’ I felt excited and more ready than ever for my event! I used the techniques which Mark discussed with me and had embedded into my subconscious throughout my session, during my event which really helped me to keep my focus.”

J.D. from Bedfordshire

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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Malvern, Cheltenham and Bedford

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